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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes yours different from any other dental office?

Just about everything. Have you been to a dentist who takes between one and two hours to get to know you, evaluate your oral health, talk about your goals and expectations, then discuss your treatment options? Have you ever experienced a warm paraffin hand bath at the dentist's office? When you visit Dr. Julie Moore, expect different.

Dental appointments make me anxious. Can you help me relax?

Absolutely. Aromatherapy, a chair massager, a warm or cold neck wrap, and your choice of music will set the mood for a comfortable, comforting dental visit. Dr. Moore and our team will explain everything we will do - before we do it - so that you feel confident with our care. Whether you need an anesthesia patch to take the edge off or oral conscious sedation to help you find complete peace of mind and body, we will do all that we can to relieve your stress and make your time with us rewarding.

What can you do to improve my smile?

Many things. First, though, Dr. Moore needs to see you for a comprehensive evaluation. We will take X-rays and intraoral photographs, then explore your hard and soft oral tissues and existing dental work. We'll need to discuss with you what you want from dentistry and your ideal smile. With this information, Dr. Moore can develop a unique treatment plan to give your smile the appearance you desire, backed by a foundation of strong oral health.

Does teeth whitening really work?

Teeth whitening may seem miraculous, and the results are amazing, but it is not a permanent solution. Dr. Moore offers in-office teeth whitening and convenient take-home trays, and both methods will brighten your teeth dramatically. Our recommendation to maintain a bright smile involves using the take-home system a few nights each month after the initial whitening session. If you would prefer permanent whitening, we may suggest porcelain veneers.

What alternative therapies do you offer?

You may not know this, but Dr. Moore may be able to relieve your migraines, earaches, and jaw pain. She may be able to minimize damage from destructive nighttime grinding. She may even help you stop snoring! If you suffer with these problems, ask about our non-surgical therapies – because you deserve relief!

My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. Should I be concerned?

You should be concerned enough to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moore. Maybe you brush your teeth too hard, but bleeding gums can also signify periodontal disease (gum disease). A thorough exam will help us determine the source of the problem, and we'll recommend appropriate corrective measures.

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